Staff Visit Field Research Sites in Ghana

Isaac Sakyi '19, Lisa Waldo (Internship Abroad Coordinator), Irene Tsey, Richard Pera (Program Manager), and Dr. John Williams (Preceptor) stand outside of Dodowa Health Research Centre.

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In June 2019, the Department’s Internship Abroad Coordinator and M.S. Program Manager visited placement sites in Ghana.  The two staff members met with preceptors at Dodowa Health Research Centre and the University of Health & Allied Sciences (Ho), gaining insight into potential health research topics for graduate students as well as viewing student accommodations, including transportation and housing.  They also enjoyed delicious Ghanaian cuisine!

Preceptors at each institution have partnered with Georgetown for over a decade, and are highly experienced in supporting students’ field research modules (new window).  The Department is grateful for its enduring partnership with DHRC, UHAS, and many additional sites worldwide.

Health district office staff pose with program staff in Ho, Ghana.
Program staff visited health district offices in Ho, Ghana through research collaborations with the University of Health and Allied Sciences. Dr. Margaret Gyapong (front row, far right) serves as preceptor at UHAS.