Global Health Podcast

Season II

Ep.3: Edge of Survival: Dr. Oliver Johnson’s Controversial Fight Against Ebola

Join us as we explore the frontline of global health initiatives with Dr. Oliver Johnson, the Managing Director of the Global Health Institute at Georgetown University. In this insightful episode, our host delves into Dr. Johnson’s remarkable journey from completing his Ph.D. at King’s College London, focusing on empowering health professionals in sub-Saharan Africa, to his pivotal role in combating the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone. As a visiting lecturer at King’s College London and an honorary researcher at the University of Witwatersrand, Dr. Johnson shares his experiences in health systems strengthening, his work with Africa Health Placements in South Africa, and the challenges he faced while co-running the Ebola isolation unit under dire circumstances. His story is not just about the battle against a deadly virus but also highlights the collaborative efforts with key figures like Sinead Walsh, showcasing the power of international response and the urgent need for effective leadership in global health crises.

Ep.2: Exploring the Evolution of Global Health Education: Insights with Dr. Myriam Vuckovic

 In this episode, we delve into the dynamic, multi-partner field of Global Health. Join host Gracya Rudiman as she interviews Dr. Myriam Vuckovic, an esteemed international health expert and director of Georgetown’s Global Health and Public Health Undergraduate Program. Together, they discuss the complexities and evolution of Global Health Education, uncovering the valuable lessons learned and how these insights are crucial for equipping the next generation of global health specialists.

Ep.1: Navigating the World of Global Health

Join Gracya Rudiman as she dives into the fascinating world of epidemiology with Dr. Quattrochi, an expert who has dedicated his life to understanding and preventing diseases. Listen as Dr. Quattrochi shares his honest experiences and perspectives, offering valuable insights for those aspiring to make a difference in global health. This inspiring conversation will leave you feeling empowered to pursue your own passions and make a positive impact on the world.

Season 1

Hosted and produced by graduate students, the Georgetown Global Health Podcast brings you conversations with M.S. program faculty and alumni.  You’ll hear about current research in global health, career pursuits, and student field research projects abroad.  

Interview with Kyle Borces ’18 (Alumnus)

M.S. student Charlotte Follari sits down with M.S.G.H. alumnus Kyle Borces to discuss his experience at Georgetown and his career so far. Kyle is a Senior Program Associate within the Global Nutrition practice at Results for Development (R4D). 

Interview with Sugy Choi ’14 (Alumna)

M.S. student Bethany Taylor sits down with Sugy Choi, a double Hoya who graduated from the School of Foreign Service and then continued into the first cohort of the Global Health Master Program, graduating in 2014.

Rebecca Gribble

Interview with Rebecca Gribble ’19 (Alumna)

M.S. student Bethany Taylor speaks with Rebecca Gribble, a student in the M.S. Global Health program, about her career in nursing and emergency clinical medicine and what brought her to Georgetown University.

Interview with Sophie Kieffer ’16 (Alumna)

M.S. student Charlotte Follari interviews M.S.G.H. alumna Sophie Kieffer, ‘15, about her unique perspective on our program. Using the skills learned at Georgetown, Sophie has carved an uncommon path in her global health career by focusing on palliative care.

Interview with Katrina Virta ’15 (Alumna)

M.S. Student Bethany Taylor sits down with Katrina Virta, an alumna of the first Global Health cohort here at Georgetown University, to discuss her path to Georgetown, thoughts on the program, traveling the world, and how she found her way into a career she loves.

Interview with Dr.Jennifer Bouey (Program Faculty)

M.S. student Bethany Taylor sits down with Dr. Bouey, a social epidemiologist and tenured Associate Professor of the Department of International Health, School of Nursing and Health Studies, Georgetown University for a Q&A session about her education and work in global health. 

Interview with Dr.Kerry Bruce (Program Faculty)

M.S. student Bethany Taylor sits down with Dr. Bruce, a health system strengthening expert and adjunct Professor in the Department of International Health at Georgetown University to discuss her experience in directing and evaluating international development projects worldwide.

Interview with Dr. Margaret Gyapong (Field Research Preceptor)

MSGH student Bethany Taylor has a conversation with Dr. Margaret Gyapong, the Director of the Institute of Health Research and Director of the Centre for Health Policy and Implementation Research at the University of Health and Allied Sciences in Ghana.

Interview with Dr. Eva Jarawan (Program Faculty)

In a conversation with M.S. student Charlotte Follari, Dr. Eva Jarawan, Assistant Professor in the Department of International Health, shares insights from her 25 years at the World Bank and her career in academia.

Interview with Dr. Matthew Kavanagh (Program Faculty)

M.S. student Charlotte Follari welcomes Dr. Matthew Kavanagh, Assistant Professor in the Department of International Health, to the Georgetown Global Health Podcast for a fascinating discussion on the intersection of global health, politics, and law.

Interview with Dr. Vincent Turbat (Program Faculty)

M.S. student Bethany Taylor sits down with Dr. Turbat for a Q&A session about his work as an academic and economist in the field of global health. Dr. Turbat is a health economist with over 40 years of international experience in more than 60 countries.

Interview with Dr. Wu Zeng (Program Faculty)

M.S. student Charlotte Follari chats with Professor Wu Zeng, Associate Professor in the Department of International Health at Georgetown University, about his research in health financing and how better allocation of resources can save lives.