Full-Time Track


Degree Requirements / Program Design

The Master of Science in Global Health program is organized around a core curriculum of global health and five areas of concentration.  The full-time program is designed as a full-time three-semester program (fall, spring, summer or fall) and requires 32 credits for degree completion. The minimum time required to complete the entire program is 13 months.

  1. The Global Health Core courses  (15 credits) will introduce students to the major issues and key concepts in global health; 
  2. The focus-area courses  (9 credits) provide opportunities for students to focus on specific topics of global health; the five areas of concentration are:
    • Disease Prevention & Control
    • Health & Development in Africa (Certificate in African Studies)
    • Graduate Certificate in Refugees, Migration, and Humanitarian Emergencies
    • Climate Change, Urban Health & Cross-Sector Collaboration 
    • Health & Development: Management, Economics & Partnerships
  3. The Field Research Module and Scholarly Paper  (8 credits) allow students to conceptualize a successful study, manage data in the field, and prepare a written summary of their findings, in addition to producing a Scholarly Paper that enhances the academic field of global health and provides a meaningful contribution to the health status of populations around the world. 

Full-Time Sample Program of Study

FALL I Credits SPRING I Credits
Biostatistics 2 Research Methods II (Qualitative) 2
Epidemiology Methods 2 Monitoring & Evaluation 2
Intro to Quantitative Data Collection 1 Elective course 3
Health Economics & Financing 3 Elective course 3
Health Policy & Systems 3 Elective course 3
Total 11 Total 13
SUMMER or FALL II   Credits  
Field Research Module and Scholarly Project Abroad    8  
  Total    8  

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Grading System

Letter grades will equate to the following percentage scores in all graduate program courses: 

A        95-100     4.00
A-       90-94       3.67
B+      87-89        3.33
B        84-86        3.00
B-       80-83        2.67
C        70-79        2.00
F         <70          0.00